Mega 1630/3 CE F5J



Mega have been around for a long time and are well known for quality motors. Their little inner-runners have been popular in the past, and now they have developed a range for current needs – in particular motors that can be used for F5J. Being inner-runners, they overcome all the problems with fitting a motor to a narrow glider fuselage. There are no external moving parts to worry about! The ESC connects to the cables that come out the back of the motor.

This motor is a long, thin inner-runner that is claimed to haul a 2.5kg glider to 200m, even in wind in 30 seconds. However, if you glider really is that heavy, the 1635/3 would be better and you will not have to push the motor so hard. I have used the 1630/3 in a 1.8kg F5J model very successfully!

Motor Diameter: 28mm
Motor Weight: 135g
Shaft diameter: 5mm
No. Winds: 3
Kv: 1380
LiPo Cells: 3-4S
Max. Current: 55A for 30 seconds
Recommended Prop: 12×5″ or 12×6.5″

Specs on Mega web site:
10×6″ prop at 10.0V – 35.2A – 10,940 rpm
11×6″ prop at 10.0V – 46A – 9,640 rpm
Suitable for models up to 2.5kg
Price: $219